The easiest, most reliable and cost-efficient solution.

Only 35 grams, the FieldWiz sensor is the smallest and lightest sensor available on the market with the highest level of integration: GNSS, IMU, Heart-Rate Monitor, BLE, ANT and Swiss quality engineering.

FieldWiz allows you to measure your team’s performance and gather reliable data during games or trainings to take informed decisions and improve your strategy.

The latest generation GNSS tracking technology up to 18Hz gives you the precision you need to track the progress of your players, to set goals and encourage a healthy competition within the team.

FieldWiz meets FIFA’s International Match Standard for Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems.



We are specialized in the development of solutions for demanding athletes who wish to improve their performance



Only 35 grams, FieldWiz sensor is the smallest and lightest sensor available on the market with the highest level of integration (GNSS, IMU, Heart-Rate Monitor, BLE, ANT) and Swiss quality engineering.


Wiz shirt

Very comfortable and easy to wear.

Wiz HR shirt

The most comfortable connected shirt with integrated HR. Easy to wear, no additional belt needed, all-in-one. Breathable with optimized body coverage.

Women and men specific version, available in different sizes.



The only docking station on the market that allows up to 30 devices with an integrated screen. Easy and fast, the docking station synchronizes, carries and charges all trackers for the whole team.


The advanced, user-friendly FieldWiz web platform allows you to easily load, store, visualize and analyse your team’s performance data.
Metrics can be tailor made and dashboards customized, which ensures you a reporting that exactly fits your needs.




Why Fieldwiz ?


Take informed decisions

Reinforce your intuition with reliable insights.


Optimize readiness

Monitor the load, prevent injuries and rehabilitate safely.


Set goals, track progress

Push your athletes. Encourage healthy competition within the team.


Communicate effectively

Demonstrate your strategy and expectations.



  • HR, beats per minute
  • HR max
  • HR average
  • HR zones based on individual HR max
  • HR variability*
  • Individual working target


  • Total distance
  • Distance by speed zones
  • Max speed
  • Average speed
  • High intensity distance
  • Sprint statistics
  • Heat-map, position on the pitch
  • % of distance in pitch zones


  • Acceleration (threshold in m/s2)
  • Deceleration (threshold in m/s2)
  • Steps, cadence*
  • Shocks*
  • Jumps*
  • Energy expenditure*

*Premium functions. Contact us for more information.

Technical specifications

FieldWiz is a position, motion and heart-rate sensor. It includes:

GNSS sensor (position sensor) :

  • Concurrent reception of GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou
  • -167 dBm navigation sensitivity
  • 72 channels
  • Up to 18Hz update rate
  • 30 cm relative position accuracy
  • Speed accuracy of 0.05m/s

IMU (inertial motion unit) :

  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Up to 250Hz sampling frequency (configurable)
  • 16-bits output data
  • 3-axis gyroscope
  • Up to 250Hz sampling frequency (configurable)
  • 16-bits output data
  • 3-axis magnetometer
  • Up to 250Hz sampling frequency (configurable)
  • 16-bits output data

ECG sensor (electrocardiogram)

  • Heart rate computation
  • Heart rate variability

Internal memory allowing up to 350 hours of data recording

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Autonomy of 6 hours
  • Full recharge time : 1 hour
  • Dimensions : 65mm x 35mm x 15mm
  • Weight : 35g
  • Waterproof (sweat-proof, splash-proof)
  • Functional temperature : -20°C to 55°C